Nice Drips!

Ooooh! Great drip pattern! Sorry about the snapshot quality, but I couldnt resist as I was unloading the kiln.

Glorious Green Glazes

I think I’m getting the hang of this mysterious glazing process!


Ooooooh, those lovely drips!!!

Pug Love!

Pug Love! Oh lord, could it be any cuter? Perfect for my morning coffee and pug snuggles. Even better- breakfast in bed with all my pugs! Seriously, I can’t get over it…

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Art In The Woods 2015

Fern Street Pottery will be open for the 2015 Art In The Wood Studio Tour! If you are in the Northwest come on by for a weekend packed with local art.  


Kitchen decór done right

Functional beauty, less clutter, more efficient. Artist made peices- you won’t find these at Walmart.

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