Meredith Chernick

As a professional Art Educator, Meredith Chernick has experience working in a wide variety of media; silverpoint, printmaking, paper sculpture, pastels, lampworked and fused glass, but clay is her medium of choice.

“I have dedicated the past twenty-five years to educating artists and I am overjoyed at finally being able to commit some time to my own artistic endeavors.”

Meredith began taking pottery classes as a young child, and never stopped. She took lessons at the Belleuve Art Museum, where she later returned via the Artist Progam to give demonstrations. Meredith spent years taking pottery classes at the Kelsey Creek Pottery Studio where she later returned as an instructor, and grew the program. Meredith then moved on to teach in the Bainbridge Island School District and found her true calling teaching at the college level for the Northwest College of Art and Design, where she continues to inspire students and push their skills in both two and three dimensional media.

Meredith’s work ranges between functional ware with intentional design and decorative sculpture with a meticulous attention to detail.

‘Finding that elusive balance between life, art, carreer and family is indeed a challenge, but what a fantastic thing to attempt.”

When she is not teaching college students or neighborhood kids, potting in her studio, or working on community enrichment projects, Meredith can be found walking on the beach with her hubby, two kids, and five dogs.

To contact, email and find more at the website/shop

3 thoughts on “Meredith Chernick

  1. Hi. My friend bought me 2 Hamsa wall hangings for my birthday in purple & blue & I was wondering if you had any other colors? I would really like 2 more. Thank you!

    • Hi Shannon,
      I sure do! I have a lovely celadon green with carved pattern and I will have a rose colored carved hamsa coming out of the kiln in a few days. I also have bright green and tangerine, that have the eye and fingertips carved in, but smooth surface, no other design carved in (I will try to post a picture here later today). and I can glaze more for you if you have a preferred color that you were looking for.
      Let me know what you have in mind.

    • Hello Again-
      I just posted some color samples of other Hamsas that I have in stock or in the kiln (available soon!). The Rose color will be available in the carved version, and I am hoping to add a cobalt blue to the option as well. These are available here
      in my Etsy shop, or if you are in Kitsap County you can avoid the shipping cost. If you are not local, I am able to fit two Hamsas into a box, so if you do decide on two colors, I am happy to combine shipping. Let me know what you think!
      Fern Street Pottery

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